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How to find Instagram influencers in 2019

Discover how to find Instagram influencers and their costs in this quick guide

So, you’re running an ecommerce store and you invest all your time and energy into making it work?

Kudos to that, but no matter how cool your products are and how much commitment and dedication you pour into making your customers happy, it usually takes more than just hard work and quality to cut through the noise and be seen by your target audience.

You need someone with a loud voice to put in a good word for you.

That’s right, I’m talking about leveraging the power of social media influencers. Instagram influencers, to be more specific.

Thanks to its 1 billion monthly active users and primarily visually oriented content, this social media platform has become an ecommerce mecca, and if you’re not using its full potential, you’re practically leaving money on the table.

Still not convinced that you should splurge out on this trend which is all the rage at the moment?

Here’s why Influencer marketing isn’t just a buzzword but a serious concept which will skyrocket the growth of your ecommerce business.


Unlock the Instagram secrets used by top brands to sell their products

Social media influencers 101

Back in the old days before the internet, radio, and TV, people relied on word of mouth to hear the latest news and gossip, as well as become familiar with what’s hot and what’s not.

However, once these advanced technologies appeared, this viva voce concept evolved and turned into a powerful marketing weapon which only gained traction with the rise of social media.

You might wonder how to find Instagram influencers in your niche, or for your Shopify store, the good news is that Influencers are more than the modern-day walking billboards. They cultivate loyal, devoted, and engaged followings, ready to act on their recommendations and suggestions. No wonder that brands get out their way to hire household names to be their ambassadors when 92% of consumers are more inclined to trust what other people say over blatant branded messaging.

And they’re willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money.

There are many Instagram influencer search tools to find youtube influencers, instagram influencers and create lists and analytics of your favorite influencer. Looking at influencer analytics you can even discover that Kylie Jenner, a reality TV star, model, and entrepreneur, for example, makes $1 million. Per sponsored Instagram post! The youngest self-made billionaire exercised her social media power when she managed to sink Snapchat’s market value by $1.3 billion with a single tweet expressing her frustration over the IM’s latest redesign. 

The fact that even HRM Queen Bey announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post, which went on to become the most liked photo of 2017 by amassing more than 11 million likes within hours, illustrates why having an influencer to support your business cause on social media is a must.

But, what’s the use of all these likes and how can you benefit from them financially?

Well, according to a recent study, 75% of users take an action such as visiting a website or making a purchasing decision after they see a brand’s post, while 60% of people discover products on Instagram. 

Finally, don’t let those 6- and 7-figure price tags scare you – there are micro-influencers that small ecommerce businesses can afford, and who are more approachable and equally powerful in terms of promoting brands and influencing purchasing decisions.


The synergy of content and influencer marketing

Content still reigns supreme, despite all the new marketing strategies which have emerged over the past few years. It’s crucial for driving traffic to your website and engaging your target audience, but it will work only if you post regularly and provide value.

Influencers, on the other hand, bring their huge following into play, which means that you can expand your reach and be noticed by people genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Of course, this combination will be effective only if your content is authentic, relatable, useful, and engaging.

Apart from endorsing your product and sharing your content, influencers can additionally boost your brand by creating attractive content and adding their personal touch.

It’s always a good idea to link to influencer posts where they’re shown using your product, directly from your online store. Or, have them write an engaging email for your customers and prospects. Using an influencer in your customer testimonials is a great way to make the most of social proof. Last but not least, their very signature in your email campaign will in a way vouch for your credibility.

When it comes to the involvement of influencers, Puma nails it with its celebrity collaborations. For example, the Insta Princess, Selena Gomez who boasts 144 million followers, recently launched her own fitness clothing line for the popular sports brand.

How much will it cost you?

We’ve already mentioned the whopping figures top influencers make, but as for micro-influencers, there are different kinds of deals.

The cost depends on whether you just want a shoutout, review, or an entire campaign. Also, an important factor is how big their following is. For example, influencers with fewer than 50,000 followers charge approximately $250 per post, while those with 100,000 followers will expect $1,000 per post.

But, don’t get carried away too much by their seemingly huge followings – browse through your target influencers’ accounts and check out whether their followers are engaged as that’s what counts. It’s better to team up with a blogger who has 20,000 loyal and engaged followers than with the one whose army of 100,000 rarely comment or interact with their posts.

Of course, some of them are also willing to promote your ecommerce store for freebies on the condition that the items you sell are relevant and interesting to their followers.

Also, before you can reach out to a celebrity with a business proposal, you have to be accomplished in your own right, at least to a certain extent. This means that you need to ensure the quality of your products as well as that your marketing efforts are based on the principle of honesty.

Remember that reputation is everything in their line of business, and they don’t want to risk their name by being associated with shady companies.

The first step towards making your business presentable and trustworthy online is a well-designed website which is easy to navigate. The good UI and UX are instrumental in increasing engagement, interactions, and conversions, and these two elements are particularly important for an ecommerce website. Don’t trust the task of designing your website to just any random developer; instead of that browse through this list of reliable digital marketing companies and find the one that fits your needs and budget.

How to find influencers

Although this may seem like a complicated endeavour, there are tips that can help you identify the right influencer who’ll help your business thrive.

The first thing you should do is get ready for some serious research and snooping.

Your own followers should be the starting point in your investigation. See if a person with a significant following likes and comments on your posts. Check out whether they post on a regular basis, what their posts are about, and how engaged their followers are.

To dig even deeper than that, search hashtags relevant to your business, and Instagram will show you a list of posts. Pick the ones that you like and that look professional, and check who’s behind them. That way you can find interesting accounts that you can join forces with.

You can also use some of the tools and services for searching influencers in your niche based on relevant keywords or the content similar to yours. Ninja Outreach or Upfluence are the first to come to mind, especially if we bear in mind that they’re more affordable than their competitors.

Kicking off your influencer campaign

Once you’ve made up your mind about jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon, it’s time to get down to work. Here are some of the most important steps in the process:

  • Learn the ropes. Spying on your competitors who do influencer marketing right is the best way to start. Identify what works for your type of business, what kind of content they promote, how they engage their followers, and single out the most successful posts. These insights can show you the way and help you pinpoint some of the basic do’s and don’ts.
  • Pick the right influencer from the list you’ve come up with. Compare their target audience with yours and see how they stack up and align with your core values and brand image. Make sure that your products can be integrated into your chosen influencer’s lifestyle seamlessly and naturally so that the promotion isn’t too pushy and salesy.
  • Reach out and explain your vision. It’s important to emphasize that you want a long-lasting relationship because one-time posts won’t do much for your brand because they’re not perceived as too convincing and trustworthy. Also, craft a pitch that they will find relatable and explain what direction you want them to take, and mention your USP. Although the idea is to follow your brand guidelines, it’s crucial to allow them to maintain a certain level of artistic control as that’s the only way to make their posts genuine and appealing to their audience.
  • Track your metrics. In order to see how your campaign is performing, you need to monitor all the relevant metrics and track clicks, links, shares, likes, comments, traffic, and sales that every post generates. Share these metrics with the influencer, fine-tune your strategy if necessary, and establish the most effective approach.

Influencers that are killing it on Instagram

David Beckham, a retired football player, has numerous endorsements to his name. He did promotions for Adidas, H&M, Tudor, Kent & Curwen, and many others. Together with his singer-turned-fashion-designer wife, he has cultivated an image of a style icon over the years, so that his sponsored posts come off as natural and becoming to his fashionista lifestyle and his following doesn’t perceive them as too promotional or over the top.

Grumpy Cat, a cute feline with dwarfism, took the internet and Instagram by the storm with her unique facial expression. The result? Her estimated net worth is about $125 million, and she has many promotional deals under her belt, as well as a movie and a book. The frown on her face helped her attract 2.4 million Instagram followers, not to mention numerous pet food brands, including Purina, which she “reluctantly” represents.

Closing words

As an ecommerce store owner, you can greatly benefit from influencer marketing on Instagram. Despite having to overcome different challenges including picking the right influencer who will trailblaze your way to popularity, all the way to providing a budget for this project.

But, despite all the risks and expenses, this strategy can turn out to be the most cost-effective and lucrative one. Given that a skilful and seasoned influencer can help you reach thousands of prospects and bring you tons of qualified traffic, it’s clear that your bottom line will get a significant boost.

Moreover, with the right approach, your Instagram community will grow and expand exponentially, thus helping your ecommerce business thrive. 


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