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[47] Best Instagram marketing tools for ecommerce success

In this guide you will find the best tools to grow your ecommerce sales with Instagram

If you want to see the best Instagram marketing tools in one place, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide.

We’ve personally tested and reviewed 47 free and paid tools.

And you can scroll through the list to find the best Instagram marketing software for you.

What’s more…

This post covers 47 of these tools, covering each of the main categories. For each tool you will find:

  • The price
  • A description of what it does
  • The pros and cons

This information will help you decide which tools can start making your Instagram marketing more effective and time-efficient.


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The best tools for Instagram

Instagram tools for image & video creation

Following are the best tools for improving the quality of the videos and images on your Instagram feed: a basic part of Instagram marketing that has the power to engage your audience and attract new followers.

What does it do?
Allows rapid image resizing for multiple social media profiles.
  • Excellent for quickly cropping images to the right size
  • Simple to use
  • Reduces the time taken to produce multiple images for different platforms and purposes
  • Allows you to spend time on making images high quality and original rather than on pure technicalities like size
  • Limited scope of features – does only one main job
Free or $3.99 for more features.
What does it do?
Allows you to quickly add text to images and design more creative images for your Instagram posts from your mobile phone.
  • Excellent for quickly adding text, creating graphics, and adding captions to photos
  • Good for solopreneurs with limited graphic design budget
  • Can also be used to design greetings cards
  • Built-in store with many useful add-ons and font packs available
  • Very customizable
  • Keeps adding new features
  • Difficult to find any negatives: does what it does well and with variety
Pic Stitch
FREE with in-app purchases.
What does it do?
Allows you to create collages in a variety of different formats and share them on your chosen social media channels.
  • Easy to combine multiple photos into a single picture
  • Excellent for displaying products or lifestyle shots
  • Up to 245 different layouts & 15 different photo aspect ratios
  • Can add music to the collage
  • Can customize photo borders
  • Some reports of app crashing
What does it do?
Allows you to create very short one-second long videos that play forwards and backwards on an endless loop from your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  • Created by Instagram so it is well-supported
  • Easy to record short videos that catch the eyes of followers
  • Videos play forward and backward on a never-ending loop on Instagram – great for capturing attention
  • Simple to make basic edits
  • Video creation from a series of images
  • No advanced video editing features
What does it do?
Helps you create collages of existing photos or take new photos and instantly arrange them how you want in creative new ways.
  • Created by Instagram so well-supported
  • Very easy to mirror, flip, and swap images, as well as zoom in or out and resize
  • Can remix 2-9 photos at a time in one image
  • Can use photos from camera roll, recent photos or create new ones from photo booth
  • Many fun, personalized layouts
  • Easy to share to Instagram & the other social networks
  • Great for any business looking to creatively showcase products
  • Some users experience problems with saving images
Free or optional annual subscription at $19.99 for advanced features and newest tools.
What does it do?
Allows you to edit photos from your smartphone, with high-quality filters that can transform images and give them an entirely new mood or effect.
  • Has featured regularly in iTunes Top 100 Free Apps list
  • Made by the company that created filters for Adobe Lightroom
  • More filters available than Instagram’s own collection
  • Easy to rejuvenate tired looking photos with a new look
  • Great for atmospheric product shots and for maintaining branding
  • Helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Few other editing features other than filters
  • Occasional comments from users about lagging and slow loading
What does it do?
Allows iPhone users to comprehensively edit photos with a wide range of features that can add an arty quality to your feed.
  • All-in-one photo editing tool for mobile (iPhone only)
  • All the standard saturation and color temperature features – but more arty
  • Two-toned gradients, decals, custom typography and curve adjustment provided
  • Supports photo reshaping and includes a variety of brushes
  • Photos can be turned into paintings or drawings
  • Can mix several photos together to create a ‘double exposure ‘effect
  • Adds originality and uniqueness to your Instagram shots
  • No Android version
Font Candy
Free or $3.99 for the full version.
What does it do?
This is a mobile photo editor allowing you to add text in a wide variety of fonts and styles, helping you to speak clearly to your target audience on Instagram.
  • Easy-to-use typography app
  • Clean, stylized text that can add a new dimension to images
  • Includes spot-editing tools for hiding text behind image parts
  • Most comprehensive font-editing tool available
  • Can import and use logos in PNG format for branded content
  • Captures attention with bold text or an amusing message on images
  • You must write a review on iTunes before you can change fonts, according to some users
  • No free version on Android

Instagram management tools for planning & scheduling content

The one major problem with Instagram marketing is that it can eat up a lot of time – unless you use the best Instagram management tools available to help you automate, plan, and schedule content more effectively.These tools can help you post the right content consistently at the right time for your audience…

From free to $3-9/month (depending on Basic, Premium, or Unlimited version)
What does it do?
Plann is a visual planner and scheduler that allows you to organize your feed in advance, curating content so that it attracts new followers.
  • Easy drag and drop features for arranging content
  • Aids branding so that you maintain a consistent message to followers
  • Plan weeks in advance to ensure regular content release and to save time
  • Manage several galleries at once
  • Can zoom in on images
  • Provides video support up to 60 seconds (paid)
  • Supported on iOS and Android
  • The free version is very ‘light’ (limit 10 posts per month)
  • Minimal video support
From free to $50/month.
What does it do?
Later is another scheduler that comes up in most lists of favorite Instagram apps. It allows you to easily plan consistent content to maintain an engaging feed.
  • Available for web, iOS, and Android
  • Syncs across your computer and mobile devices
  • Easy-to-use interface with visual content calendar
  • Can upload images from computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and pre-write a caption
  • Copies the image to your feed and sends a notification for you to hit the ‘post’ button
  • Makes it easy to feature user-generated content by searching by a particular hashtag
  • Can create unique links with Linkin.bio to make your feed shoppable
  • The free version is adequate for many small businesses
  • Can’t actually post for you (like Hootsuite does for Facebook or Twitter posts) because Instagram doesn’t allow third–party apps to post content. However, this changes almost monthly as apps try to manipulate the Instagram api before getting cut off again.
7-day free trial; plans start at $20/month (from 0-20,000 followers) up to $100/month (for 1-2 million followers).
What does it do?
ScheduGram is an advanced scheduling tool especially useful when you need to manage the content uploading, editing, scheduling, and posting for multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Actually publishes content and even the first comment – useful for attracting activity
  • Optionally sends email notification once content has been posted
  • Upload single or multiple images at once to Instagram
  • Can pre-write captions with emojis, hashtags etc
  • Can manage multiple accounts from one log in – no logging in and out
  • Can provide access for team members to collaborate if managing multiple accounts
  • Inbuilt editor and filters available for images
  • No free version – only a free 7-day trial
30-day free trial; plans start at $14.99/month.
What does it do?
Hootsuite is an account management tool for scheduling posting of content across the major social media channels and now includes Instagram.
  • Well-established name in social media
  • Allows you to cross-post the same content across Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Useful if you have a strong presence on several SM platforms and want to use one tool for scheduling all content
  • Also allows monitoring and analysis of your Instagram account
  • Can type captions from your computer keyboard rather than your smartphone
  • No free version – only a free 30-day trial
  • If you are using only for Instagram, there are simpler scheduling tools
Free 7-day trial. Plans from $19/month – $179/month.
What does it do?
Autogrammer is like Schedugram but extends to other social networks – a good option if you need to manage content across other social media networks.
  • Easily manage and schedule content posts in advance on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Post now or schedule for later
  • Can manage multiple social media accounts in one central place
  • Also includes a basic photo editor
  • Can upload bulk images with simple drag and drop
  • No free version available – only paid
  • You may want to use a more comprehensive editor for Instagram content
Free trial (if you ask ‘nicely’!) Plans from $5 to $250/month.
What does it do?
Similar to Hootsuite in that it allows you to schedule and publish content posts – but this is designed specifically for Instagram.
  • Can set up content to post immediately or in advance
  • Actually publishes content securely and within Instagram regulations by simulating human interaction
  • Suggests best time to post for maximum engagement
  • Easy to use and to collaborate with other team members
  • Can prepare and upload from Dropbox
  • Includes analytics for content performance
  • Pricing may increase soon, as it’s at an ‘experimental’ stage

Instagram tools for measurement and analytics

As with any marketing strategy, your time on Instagram needs to produce a good return on investment. That means being able to set targets and measure progress towards them. It’s essential that you measure everything using the excellent analytics tools available to you…

7-day free trial; monthly plans from $9 per account.
What does it do?
Google Analytics for Instagram: one of the most popular Instagram tools, allowing you to analyze all key performance indicators on your accounts so that you can optimize your marketing strategy.
  • Can easily monitor follower growth, influence, and locations
  • Identifies optimal posting times
  • Reports on post engagement rate – comments, likes etc.
  • Provides benchmarking against competitors
  • Monitor Instagram-based campaigns like contests or discounts
  • Monitor hashtags and user-generated content
  • Helps you stay on track with your marketing goals
  • Available for web, iOS and Android
  • No free version – only a free 7-day trial
Free 14-day trial available. Monthly plans from $20-$500.
What does it do?
Provides in-depth analytics on your audience, engagement levels, and content mix by analyzing the history of your feed.
  • Analysis of content helps you adjust and optimize your content mix
  • Allows you to create more of what works and less of what doesn’t
  • Shows number of posts, engagement rates, and source of engagement
  • Simple analysis of best hashtags and filters
  • Compare image and video content engagement
  • Shows most popular time to post
  • No free version – only a trial
  • Web only – no mobile app
Social Insight
Free trial. Business plans available between $29 and $79/month.
What does it do?
It’s a web-based tool that provides in-depth analytics for multiple Instagram accounts, helping you to monitor and accelerate follower growth.
  • Helps you immediately assess the best time to post content based on historic engagement
  • Provides data on post engagement averages and maximums
  • Includes complete data on followers gained and lost
  • Can optimize your content using the most popular filters for images and video
  • Can share data with a whole team of collaborators without sharing Instagram login
  • Can link multiple Instagram accounts and easily switch between their analytics
  • Regular new features added
  • No free version – only free trial (not made clear how long on the website)
What does it do?
An analytic tool designed specifically for Instagram that helps you manage your account with more informed decisions.
  • Provides insight about posts, engagement, and relationships with followers
  • Helps you identify the hottest brands, hashtags, and influencers
  • Can view posts by theme to customize your Instagram feed
  • Helps you manage interactions with followers for deeper insights
  • Web only – no mobile apps
  • May be over-simple for some users

Instagram account management and growth tools

Growing your number of followers is an important goal of Instagram marketing for ecommerce businesses. It helps if you are easily able to manage your account to provide all the information you need…

Sprout Social
Free 30-day trial. Plans from $99/month – $249/month
What does it do?
Sprout Social is one of the most complete social media management platforms, including a variety of tools for making your time on Instagram more effective.
  • Easily schedule content posts in advance and streamline the process – you receive a push notification when it’s time to post
  • Can edit and store images in a central asset library
  • Easy to organize and manage posts from team content calendar
  • Helps you source user-generated content, manage comments, and monitor hashtags
  • Able to seamlessly manage multiple accounts
  • Can measure performance with Instagram reports
  • Can also integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter
  • Perceived as a little expensive for some small businesses – though it includes a lot of features.
From free to 74.98 per month.
What does it do?
Helps you identify and manage all the people you follow, those who follow (and don’t follow) you, and people you should follow.
  • Know exactly who is and isn’t following you – and who unfollowed you
  • Easily unfollow people to tidy up your account and maintain a good follower:following ratio
  • Useful for identifying and bulk following of competitors’ followers
  • Quick way to significantly grow your account
  • Identifies fans and admirers – followers you aren’t currently following back & your most-engaged followers
  • Identifies blacklist and inactive accounts
  • Also has a built-in content scheduler
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Free plan is very limited in features
Social Rank
Free version available. Paid version with more features at $49/month; highest-end plan pricing available on request.
What does it do?
Social Rank is a tool that makes it easy to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Allows you to easily manage your Instagram (and Twitter) followers from a simple dashboard
  • Can sort by most valuable, most engaged, or other criteria and filters
  • Helps you organize followers easily and segment your list
  • Provides insight into follower demographics
  • Can find followers and create custom lists to run campaigns (paid version)
  • Great visibility of all your followers and their profiles
  • The free version is limited – only allows you to find and analyze followers, not run campaigns or see competitors’ followers
Ink 361
Free and Pro plan available (pricing on request).
What does it do?
Ink361 is an account management tool that provides actionable insights into improving the content of your posts and growing your audience.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Can analyze how well your posts are performing so you can quickly find out what’s working
  • Able to view statistics for hashtags and filters, likes and comments
  • Can analyze geographical origin of followers
  • Helps you post more engaging content
  • Allows monitoring and analysis of specific competitors’ accounts to see what’s working for them
  • Helps you keep tabs on your follower: following ratio
  • No iOS or Android versions
Plans from $15 to 79 per month.
What should I do?
Designed to help you schedule your content and track your competition; finding out what others are posting can help you improve your content and grow your audience.
  • Can view all competitors’ posts in one place
  • Access info for up to 40 accounts from one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Allows you to upload and schedule content
  • Helps you analyse growth of subscribers, best time for posts, and the most popular hashtags
  • No free version – only a trial.

Discover how the best brands get Instagram followers and sales

Requires a demo.
What does it do?
Olapic is a high-end Instagram marketing tool that helps you tell your brand’s story with customer-generated photos and videos, allowing you to focus on ‘earned’ or user-generated content (UGC).
  • Helps you attract and develop more UGC
  • Potentially enriches the shopping experience for users
  • Helps you find the most popular posts and hashtags with your audience
  • Can help you make UGC the center of your content marketing strategy
  • Allows you to target more engagement and visibility for posts
  • Helps you target more influential Instagrammers in your niche
  • Slightly confusing product messages on their website
  • Expensive – more for the bigger brands
Free 14-day trial version. Paid versions from $24-$249/month.
What does it do?
Viral Tag is a multi-channel tool for sharing visuals across social media; for Instagram users it schedules posts and analyses performance of visual content.
  • Can manage multiple social networks from a single dashboard
  • Can customize posts to each social network
  • Allows you to upload multiple images at once
  • Helps you analyze content performance and identify optimal times for posting
  • Highlights failed posts and evergreen content that can be recycled
  • Can track hashtags and repost easily
  • Includes built-in image editing tools from Canva
  • Allows simple collaboration with team members
  • No free version available
  • Perhaps trying to do too many things at once – image editing may be better with a dedicated tool
Requires a demo.
What does it do?
It’s a social media management tool predominantly for scheduling content posts and tracking how well they’re doing.
  • For use across multiple social networks – can set up posts for all your social media
  • Helps automate tasks to save time
  • Helps you boost your presence with better content
  • Monitors hashtags, users, locations, timeline, blacklists, whitelists
  • Helps you identify which Instagrammers to follow and unfollow
  • Pricing information not available on website
From $2.97 – $69.99/month.
What does it do?
Vibbi.com is a social media management tool that helps you grow your following, back up your content, and stay up to date with the latest social media news.
  • Can get more followers for your Instagram account by simply buying them
  • Allows you to ‘buy engagement’ in the forms of likes and views from real viewers to demonstrate popularity
  • Instaport service helps you download your Instagram posts to your hard drive for backup.
  • Buying followers, likes, and views may be perceived as ‘gaming’ the system – organic growth through posting top content is the best way to grow your Instagram account
Free and paid plans start at $249/month.
What does it do?
Provides analytics on influencers and brands on Instagram and other social networks so that you can attract more heavy-hitters to your brand.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Helps you build trust with your following
  • Locates, follows, and helps attract influencers to your brand – on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs
  • Includes monitoring and analytics tools to measure performance
  • Helps you manage relationships and analyze social profiles
  • Basic (paid) plan lets you manage up to 50 Instagram profiles
  • Used by some of the major brands
  • Free version has limited features – but may be enough for a single small business
  • Paid plans may be regarded as expensive
Free demo available. Pricing available on request.
What does it do?
Marketing analytics software that provides the info you need to determine ROI from Instagram and other social media campaigns.
  • Simple plug & play across all the major social networks
  • Provides unified reporting across social media, blog, email, ads, and web
  • Helps you prove the impact of marketing campaigns
  • Can easily measure follower growth, traffic, engagement, and conversions
  • Can measure performance against competitors, peers, and influencers
  • Helps you optimize future campaigns by focusing on what works
  • Pricing not made freely available

Instagram marketing software for ecommerce stores

Many of the Instagram marketing tools described so far can be used by casual Instagrammers, sole traders, or larger businesses. The following tools are specifically for ecommerce businesses; most are designed to bring Instagram followers closer to the product pages of your store, as Instagram only allows one link in your bio (caption and image links are not clickable). It has traditionally been quite cumbersome to shop something you like on Instagram, but the shopping experience is changing thanks to these tools…

Free demo available. Pricing on request.
What does it do?
Tapshop is owned by Olapic and is a tool that allows you to turn your Instagram account into an extension of your store, helping you to convert followers.
  • Seamlessly link your Instagram account to your ecommerce store
  • Reduces the steps (clicks) between Instagram and your store
  • Can send Instagram followers to dedicated landing pages to increase conversions
  • Can link multiple related items on any Instagram post
  • Users simply click a link to be taken to a page full of the products they’ve liked – and are able to purchase
  • Users receive emailed links to any products that they’ve liked on your feed
  • No product pricing on website
Free 30-day trial. Limited free plan available. Paid plans from $5 – $300/month.
What does it do?
It helps your ecommerce store create a virtual storefront, where shoppers can purchase what they’ve seen. By creating a ‘clone’ of your Instagram feed, each post can ink to wherever you’d like (shoppable product pages).
  • Simple to set up and use – provides a custom link in your Bio section of Instagram
  • Increases clicks and traffic to your ecommerce store
  • Can tag multiple products in images
  • Users are able to buy by simply commenting on a shoppable post
  • Can help you dramatically improve ROI from Instagram
  • Can drive traffic towards product pages that help you convert more sales
  • Helps you track performance with reports on conversions and clicks
  • Provides inventory management tools
  • Integrates with Shopify and is available for Web and iOS
  • Helps you grow leads by collecting Instagram handles and emails from viewers
  • Not available for Android
  • Users need an app to buy
Like 2 Buy
Pricing available on request. Demo available.
What does it do?
Similar to Soldsie. Like2Buy calls itself ‘Instagram’s missing link’, helping followers go beyond your feed to the product pages of your ecommerce store via the gallery it sets up.
  • Simple set up with a custom link in your Instagram bio
  • Creates a Like2Buy gallery with the products that followers tap on to like
  • Helps turn ‘window shoppers’ into paying customers
  • Helps you send quality traffic to your product pages
  • Also assists with creating lookalike audiences to grow your following
  • Analytics provide insight into what’s working and what’s not
  • Used by some large ecommerce companies
  • Reduces number of clicks from Instagram feed to buying products
  • Good for affiliate
  • No product pricing evident
Free – no commissions.
What does it do?
Inselly is a virtual marketplace where you can sell your products directly from Instagram. You turn posts into shoppable products by simply using the hashtag #inselly.
  • Great for small businesses and sole traders starting up a store
  • Easy to use – simply add hashtag #inselly plus any relevant product tags
  • Simply log into Inselly, upload images, and keep product details up to date
  • Informs followers that the posts they are seeing are shoppable
  • Products on Inselly are easily, searchable, sortable, and shoppable
  • Unlimited listings available for free
  • Desktop & mobile stores provided
  • Helps you keep track of orders
  • Larger brands will want a dedicated solution for branding purposes
Like 2 Have
Free 14-day trial available. $20/month.
What does it do?
Very similar to Like2Buy. It turns your Instagram gallery posts into shoppable images that send followers directly to the product pages of your ecommerce store.
  • Makes it simple to curate and tag content that you want to make shoppable
  • Works on all devices – mobile and web browser
  • Very simple pricing – one flat monthly fee
  • Integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, Big Cartel, WooCommerce, Etsy, and more.
  • Can embed product-specific galleries on your product pages
  • Includes scheduling tool to set up posts in advance
  • Can customize appearance to your brand
  • Includes ‘fanreels’ for UGC to show off your shoppable products
  • Tools provided for tracking engagement levels with your galleries
  • If you have multiple stores you may need another solution – though Like2HaveIt is developing one
21-day free trial available. Plans from $50/month – $300/month.
What does it do?
This is a popular and approved Instagram app that integrates with Shopify. It allows you to instantly drive shoppers from Instagram to the point of sales in much the same way as Soldsie.
  • Shoppers can Add to Cart directly from tagged Instagram posts
  • Allows you to embed product-specific galleries in the product pages of your Shopify store
  • Includes a scheduling feature to set up content in advance for posting at the best times
  • More advanced plans allow you to showcase approved UGC by monitoring particular hashtags and curating the content produced
  • Can customize appearance to your brand
  • Performance dashboard shows which content is driving customers to your store
  • Google Analytics built in for extra tracking
  • Price could be considered expensive
14-day free trial available. Plans at $29/month.
What does it do?
Similar to Soldsie. Allows you to easily create shoppable Instagram galleries for your ecommerce store, bringing your followers closer to the BUY button.
  • Simple to set up and for followers to use: a link on your Instagram bio points to your Showcase gallery
  • Can tag multiple products featured in your posts so customers can shop directly from your gallery by tapping
  • Helps improve Instagram traffic conversions
  • Helps you display social proof on your product pages
  • Can search for #hashtags and @users and add UGC to your shoppable gallery
  • Appearance can be customized to your brand
  • Includes a free mobile app
  • The free version doesn’t include shoppable galleries

The rest of the best Instagram marketing tools

In this final category are a few other assorted Instagram marketing tools that can help you get more out of your time on the platform: from tools for staging competitions and contests, to gathering reviews, embedding your Instagram feed on your website, reposting content, and improving search…

Free demo available. Arrange of plans available – pricing on request.
What does it do?
Yotpo is a tool that makes gathering user reviews from Instagram much easier.
  • Brings great social proof to your brand – increasing potential traffic & sales from your store
  • Sends reminders to customers to leave a review for products or your site
  • Mobile-first set up makes leaving reviews simple
  • Displays star ratings that are proven to have influence over buying decisions
  • Helps you build a review library by importing existing reviews
  • Can seamless share product reviews over other social networks to build trust
  • Includes an on-site product review widget for direct reminders on your website
  • Can also send upsell emails to increase sales
  • Helps search rankings with Google Seller Ratings
  • Plan details available on website – but no pricing
Pricing only available on request.
What does it do?
Wyng allows you to manage User Generated Content effectively on Instagram and especially in the form of contests that drive engagement.
  • Helps you set up campaigns that engage your target audience of followers
  • Contest templates make it easy to come up with engaging designs
  • Easy-to-configure campaigns to align with your brand guidelines
  • Offers campaign previews and publishing to a landing page
  • Can easily manage user-generated content from the content dashboard
  • Works across other social media channels (Twitter, Vine) – not just Instagram
  • Pricing not freely available on website
Free with limited features and Gleam branding. More advanced plans range from $39-$149/month (with personalized branding).
What does it do?
Gleam helps you create social media marketing campaigns such as competitions, email capture campaigns, and rewards systems.
  • Easy to set up high-quality competitions on Instagram in minutes
  • Easy for users to enter contest –one click
  • Helps you develop user-generated content and photo galleries for social proof
  • Helps prevent fraudulent entries
  • Also useful on your website for email capture forms and rewards systems
  • Well-established: over 200,000 brands use Gleam to create competitions
  • Fully responsive – suitable for mobile use
  • Over 20+ languages supported
  • The free plan doesn’t allow customized branding
14-day trial available. Free plan available, with paid plans at $5-$7/month.
What does it do?
SnapWidget is a tool for embedding your Instagram feed on your ecommerce store – providing more visibility, account growth possibilities, and excellent social proof for your products.
  • Easy-to-use tool that connects your Instagram feed to your website
  • Enables you to grow your account by asking web visitors to follow you
  • Offers several different Instagram feed layouts: grid, slideshow, or photo map
  • Automatically pulls latest photos from your Instagram account to keep it updated
  • Includes photo and video posts
  • Paid versions support username and hashtag filtering
  • Also work with Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • The free plan has ads
Free plan available.
What does it do?
Analyze, track and evaluate your acquisition channels Maximize the ROI of your marketing activities Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Display Ads, Email, Social Media, Organic Search.
  • Learn benchmark data on the effectiveness of your marketing
  • Get practical tips on how to improve those benchmarks
  • The free plan has limited features
What does it do?
A simple tool that helps you share other people’s content to your Instagram following, creating good sentiment, showcasing user-generated content, and making it more likely that others will share your content.
  • Instantly share other Instagrammers posts (photos, videos and captions) with your followers
  • Places a small text box with the handle of the user you’re reposting, to credit them
  • Great for showcasing user-generated content
  • Helps you build a community and grow relationships in your niche
  • Helps you reach out to influencers
  • Engages your community with relevant and original content from multiple sources
  • Allows bookmarking to save and repost later
  • Can search content by user or hashtag
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • No web-based option
  • Cannot actually publish the repost due to Instagram regulations
Demos available. Plans start from $49/month per user.
What does it do?
Tagboard is a search engine for public social content, allowing you to search by hashtag for the content or account you are after, but the features are geared towards larger organisations.
  • Searches multiple social platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Can find content within seconds of being published
  • Can help you check how other brands are providing content under these hashtags so that you can emulate their success
  • Find out which hashtags are the most popular
  • Can select specific posts to feature on websites
  • Also provides content aggregation for broadcasting on TV and sporting event displays
  • Geared towards medium to larger brands – maybe too expensive for smaller stores
Free demo available. Basic pricing includes unlimited campaigns, dashboard searches, pre-licensed content, galleries and licensing requests to photographers. Pro model includes even more personalized features.
What does it do?
Scopio helps you discover, license and publish user-generated photos and videos from Instagram, Twitter and Scopio’s Originators portal. Many call it the “Getty Images of social media.”
  • User-generated photos are more trusted than stock photography and increase engagement — especially on Instagram or other social media feeds
  • Scopio’s licensing agreement is watertight. Avoid legal grey areas common with reposting social media photos.
  • Ditch messy social searches, spam and advertisements to license better photos and videos. Save time and build an authentic content library in one place.
  • Search by multiple hashtags, keywords and @usernames, or create a campaign via geolocation. Contact photographers for permissions, and Scopio generates an automatic licensing agreement. Requests come from your own social media account.
  • Create live galleries from Instagram and Twitter photos, no permissions required. Boost average pageview time by a whopping 90%.
  • Run cleaner social media contests with custom photographer portals
  • Search Scopio’s library of 5 million+ images for pre-licensed content
  • Become a visual marketing expert with dedicated support from Scopio’s team
  • Custom-designed or advanced features aren’t included in the basic pricing model
Plans start from $9/month per month.
What does it do?
Helps you to create automatic invoices for Shopify.
Why should I install it?
Let’s be honest, once you’ve got all the same using the above marketing tools for Instagram you still need to administrate your business. That is where Sufio comes in. If you want a tool to help you automatically create and send invoices for all your Instagram Shopify sales, sign up now.
What does it do?
Provides you with a transparent Instagram audit of any account.
  • Provides you with a detailed report on any Instagram account: its Global Instagram rank, audience quality, engagement rate, reviews on it.
  • Excellent to pick up bloggers for your influencer marketing campaign or to audit your own page.
  • The audit takes 5 minutes.
  • No many reviews on bloggers as the tool is new.
Starts at USD 52, billed annually.
What does it do?
NinjaOutreach is an Instagram influencer database and outreach marketing software perfect for businesses looking to partner with Instagram influencers for big promotion campaigns.
  • Makes it easy to identify top Instagram influencer profiles per niche with one-click category lists.
  • Makes it easy to contact Instragram influencers at scale with automated email outreach and follow-ups.
  • You can find Instagram influencers by engagement rate, follower count, and location.
  • View likes and replies per post data at a glance, so you'll know which influencers are most effective.
  • Viewing estimates of how much an Instagram influencer charges per promotional post.
  • Comes with a free Chrome extension
  • You need to submit your request via NinjaOutreach first. They will reach out to your target influencers manually. If the influencer replies positively, only then can you get their contact info.

Final thoughts

If you are hoping for Instagram to become the huge marketing asset that it has the potential to be, then you need the right tools to work with.

Above are a selection of the best Instagram marketing tools around – some of them revolutionary; some great for influencers, and others just great!

They are designed to help you create and schedule content, measure its success, track performance, increase your Instagram following and traffic to your store, improve the user experience, and ultimately boost sales.

They won’t all be for you – and nor should they be! Select the ones that best fit your business, help you to grow your following, increase interest in your brand, and make life easier on Instagram.

Finally, note that Instagram regularly releases more of its own tools to improve the experience of ecommerce brands on Instagram as it changes emphasis. This is not meant to be a definitive list for all time, so watch this space for more tools in the future…

If you want to add your tool to the list, email us at hello at RisePro dot co.

Angelo Lo Presti
Angelo has 8+ years experience in the commerce industry as an online training program expert and consultant. He has worked with top clients to create killer online training programs.
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