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8 Niche Ideas to Promote on Instagram


According to a recent study published by Hootsuite, roughly 1 billion people visit Instagram every month. The same study revealed that more than 80 percent of Instagram users surf the platform researching products and services. Finally, about 130 million tap on shopping posts.

The numbers are a great indication of how Instagram is one of the best advertising channels. Well-known brands are not hesitating to pour resources into increasing their presence on Instagram because the efforts are worth it.

Collaborations with influencers, giveaway organizations, emphasis on content quality, and other methods to make yourself noticeable on Instagram are prominent. But does this mean that only well-known brands with resources at their disposal are the only ones that can make money on Instagram?

Recognition and available resources certainly help, but it is not the be-all and end-all factor that determines success or failure on Instagram.

Virtually anyone who knows what they are doing can become an Instagram sensation. And it all starts with picking the right niche.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to pick a market that you are knowledgeable about. Or, at the very least, interested in working.

Prior experience would mean less time familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of the niche. Nevertheless, if you are interested in learning and have the time for it, there is no need to rush.

In case you are looking for some Instagram niche ideas, consider choosing one of the popular options you will find below.

1. Health and Fitness

Let’s start with health and fitness. It is no secret that many people are concerned about their looks and overall well-being. You have a group of those who are already fit and want to improve further. And then there are those who are unhappy and want to change themselves for the better.

Since Instagram is a platform driven by visual content, it is easy to share pictures of success stories and motivate interested people to forswear bad habits, such as consuming junk food or sitting in front of a computer’s screen all day.

If you decide to stick to health and fitness, you can also choose from one of the available subcategories.

  • Fitness wear

From smart watches and headbands to sneakers and fitness suits, the fitness wear niche offers a plethora of available products. Besides offering quality, brands that design and sell fashionable wear are more likely to make more.

  • Body acceptance

For some, it is difficult to realize that they have a perfectly fine body. Therefore, the body acceptance movement started to gain more momentum in the last few years. Coming up with content ideas and turning them into products or services can be tricky, but it is possible.

  • Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training is another wide niche that covers various smaller topics, such as weight gain, loss, bodybuilding, workout regimes, and diets. An Instagram page can promote various weight loss products, diet menus, workout equipment, etc.

  • Mental health

While still a taboo in some parts of the world, mental health is becoming a significant talking point in different environments. Thanks to more and more people opening up about the pressure, mental health is becoming a niche idea that one could benefit from if they can find an audience interested in inspiration, motivation, and the right sources to fight the issue.

2. Beauty

Beauty is another great example of how a niche works on Instagram the best because the platform is filled with content creators who publish various ideas. You have multiple Instagram profiles with millions of followers, and it is not just brands that create world-renowned products. Some of the most prominent beauty accounts on Instagram have an individual behind them.

So what are some of the best options when it comes to the beauty niche? Well, thanks to the recent introduction of a video player, more and more makeup artists are uploading short video tutorials to get engagement on their content.

Besides makeup, hairstyles are another popular beauty niche. These days, fancy hairstyles are quite trendy, and one could capitalize on that.

Body art and SFX are worth a shout as well, and the niche is relatively new. Not that many profiles have too many followers, meaning that newcomers have a better chance of breaking into the scene compared to other, more competitive markets.

3. Custom Merchandise

Custom merchandise is a decent idea because it is relatively easy to get started. These days, you do not have to invest in expensive manufacturing equipment if you want to create your own merchandise. No, instead, you can partner with a printing service and dropship your products.

Posting pictures of high-quality t-shirts, bags, hoodies, face masks, sneakers, and other print-on-demand products on your could attract interested followers. You can mention your online store’s link on the Instagram bio as well as your posts so people will know where to go.

Keep in mind that it is not just an average person who might be interested in print-on-demand products. If you can grow your brand, expect to receive orders from various businesses and other organizations that might be interested in branded merchandise. Politicians might also get in touch and ask you to provide material for promotional campaigns, such as stickers, pens, or posters.

4. Fashion

Fashion works on Instagram just like beauty and health. It helps if you have a model to show off clothes and accessories, but static images of products without models work perfectly fine. Bhoma is a good example of a great mens fashion brand.

The problem with fashion is that it can be difficult to find a particular niche that is not too competitive. The industry is known for its trends that come and go. Besides, most, if not all, the biggest fashion brands are already on Instagram, and they have the lion’s share of the market.

If going big proves to be too difficult, you can start much smaller. For example, look for independent accessory or clothes makers who do not have that many followers and would be interested in a partnership. A joint venture where one party provides the goods and the other focuses on marketing could benefit both parties.

5. Food and Cooking

Traditional recipes with a twist, national cuisines, foodie trends, and other stuff one can find on Instagram about food can be pretty overwhelming. Regardless, it seems that the food niche continues to be one of the most popular on the platform.

Again, since Instagram has a video player now, content creators can upload themselves preparing original recipes or making food that is already well-known, except they add a little twist.

If you like to visit fancy restaurants that offer new menus regularly, you might turn your Instagram page into one where you upload new dishes daily.

Like with other niche ideas, you will want to focus on growing your follower numbers by offering high-quality content. This is particularly important when it comes to food because looks matter a lot, and you want to upload only the best quality pictures. With videos, there is some more leeway, but even video content should be the best you can produce.

Once your food page starts to grow, you can look to monetize it by partnering up with various food restaurants that will pay you for reviews or mentions. Publishing a recipe book and advertising it on Instagram is also an option. And you do not have to stop just with these two as there are multiple options to monetize a food page on Instagram.

6. Traveling

The traveling niche is a bit limited these days because of the ongoing pandemic. However, with restrictions lifting up in various locations, people are starting to rediscover the pleasures of traveling abroad or locally.

Even if people cannot travel themselves, they still appreciate seeing others enjoying their life visiting different sites.

Growing a traveling page might take a while, but you can speed it up by selecting a narrow niche. For instance, instead of going to famous locations, explore local, less-known places. And remember that local travel does not limit yourself to just attracting a local demographic. No, people from other parts of the world might be interested in checking out where you live and follow you. Who knows, you might become someone who improves tourism in your country.

Some traveling pages reach a point where they share photos from follower journeys. It simplifies things a lot because you do not need to bother to come up with content ideas. Of course, before you can accomplish this, expect to put in a lot of effort.

Monetizing a traveling page should not be too difficult. There are plenty of travel agencies that would like to get a shoutout from established Instagram pages. You could also organize giveaways where you offer plane or cruise tickets.

7. Pet Products

The popularity of the pet niche should not come as a surprise, given how many people adore their pets. These days, pet owners spend time on Instagram looking for pet products, such as food, toys, and clothes.

Now, it is worth mentioning that creating a successful pet page on Instagram can be quite difficult if you are not a pet owner yourself. If that is the case, you will likely need to get content from other sources.

For instance, pet compilation videos, particularly those that involve cute things, are quite popular online, and Instagram is no exception. Creating such compilations requires some video-editing knowledge and the necessary software.

And if you have a pet, you can try your luck with posting its pictures and see what the reception is like. If the pet is cute, the content on Instagram should get quite a lot of engagement. From there, you can look to grow the page and monetize it by becoming an influencer or taking some other approach.

8. Video Games

Video games have been a popular pastime activity for many years. However, the niche has seen a significant spike during the lockdown. With no outdoor events, lack of sports, and other entertainment being on hold, there were limited options to have some fun indoors. And let’s face it, watching the same series or movies over and over gets boring quite fast. This is where video games come in.

There were plenty of examples of various celebrities sharing pictures online playing video games. Streaming on Twitch TV is also worth a shout. These days, you can find politicians, professional athletes, and actors streaming gameplay online.

In other words, the video game industry is in its golden age, and striking the iron while it is hot is the right mindset.

When building an Instagram page around gaming, consider focusing on younger demographics with your target campaign. Sure, there are plenty of older people who enjoy video games, but unlike young gaming fans, old-schoolers might not consider Instagram as the go-to platform for video gaming news, tutorials, gameplay videos, and other content.

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